Welcome to Tokyo I.T.S.
A Small Company Handling Big Solutions


    Tokyo ITS is a Tokyo based tech support group focused on hardware installation and repair service for technology partners overseas. Tech support service is available in our immediate area of Tokyo and we provide additional services coast to coast in Japan.

  • We service hard drives, motherboards, fans, raid controllers, raid Array storage devices, SAN & NAS units. We also handle patching, cabling and power rack systems.
  • Emergency Care Service

    Disaster preparedness is key when you have data and network assets in Japan. Rest assured you have a partner in Japan that can respond to your customer’s emergency. Inquire about our emergency care service.

  • Brands and Vendors we have worked with: HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, EMC2, Juniper, Cisco, NEC, Toshiba, Citrix, Intel, SonicWall, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Netgear, Brocade, Sun Microsystems.
  • Decommission

    Decommissioning hardware in Japan is very different than overseas. You need a partner that can guarantee proper disposal of decommissioned hardware and the wiping or destruction of hard drives.

  • Decommissioning end-of-life hardware is not as easy as most people think in Tokyo. You need a partner with the proper permits and manpower to discard electronic equipment in Japan. We can help. Large or small projects come across our desk frequently for decommissioning hardware.